Related Information On Synthesis Washing Powder Is Toxic Or Harmful

- Mar 22, 2017-

1. Discussions on the washing powder are carcinogenic, toxic, popularity is not the concept of environmental protection today. Has happened many times in history. To this end, in 1945, the United States did oral test to 6 healthy males, daily oral dose of 100 mg of sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, either 120 consecutive days, medical observations confirm the amount of hemoglobin, the blood cells, kidney function, intestinal absorption have not been changed.

2. 1960 University of Chicago oncologist spike Dr, Dr tusen long detergent such as animal skin smear and oral test, confirm that the detergent is not carcinogenic, teratogenic effects.

3. In 1963, repeat above testing of the scientists in the United States, Germany, and came to the same conclusion.

4. 60 of the last century, Oriental Professor of Mie University three beautiful tree on washing powder to the teratogenicity of questions have been raised, Japanese Government commissioned the University of Nagoya, Mie University, Hiroshima University, Kyoto University joint test, after 8 months, sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate proved no teratogenic effects on the fetus.

5. Subsequently, Tokyo University medical school and 10-20 on two washing powder factories engaged in washing powder production workers, staff of the 279 people have done a number of indicators of liver function investigation, all testing projects are all normal.

6. In April 1973, on the international seminar convened by the World Health Organization in Switzerland, detergents (including adding a formula of fluorescent whitening agent) are not carcinogenic, teratogenic problems to a formal conclusion.