Raw Material Market In The Daily Chemical Industry

- Aug 28, 2019-

Daily chemical products are produced by daily chemical raw materials. Most of the manufacturers producing daily chemical raw materials are in developed coastal areas. Although e-commerce is convenient for many manufacturers to purchase daily chemical raw materials, due to the special nature of the industry, many daily chemical raw materials still need to be seen by the purchaser to see the appearance of the raw materials. For example, the fragrance of this raw material, the lemon flavor has 4 Kinds, water-soluble, oil-soluble, yellow, colorless and transparent, like the Japanese flavors produced by the German cherry group, the packaging is a plastic bucket preserved from light, to smell the fragrance of the fragrance with the nose, must If you want to get in touch with the essence of the essence to smell the fragrance, you need the buyer to go to the store to see the real thing. Therefore, the physical store of the professional sales market of the raw material has a space for survival.