Production Equipment For Concentrated Detergent

- Feb 22, 2018-

Concentrated washing powder mainly by the high content of surfactants as the main activity and with soda ash, silicate, anti-sedimentation agent, such as additives, some products also include bleaching, sterilization and other functional additives ingredients.

Concentrated detergent is a low foam high-performance detergent, foam low, easy to rinse, decontamination strong, especially suitable for machine washing. Apply to cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabrics and other daily fabric washing, clean after washing, bright, fragrance.

Because of the density of the concentrated detergent, small size, can save packaging materials, storage area and transport costs; concentrated washing powder in the use of convenient and time-saving, labor-saving, save water, save electricity, and the discharge of waste water containing chemical residues than the adaptation of detergent is much lower, so more environmentally friendly.

Concentrated detergent production equipment can be used in the company's washing powder production equipment, equipment with special materials, inverter motor, variable turbine, reverse shearing, heating, timing and other functions. According to the reverse shearing can be the powder and liquid in the washing powder fully dispersed, by the inverter motor and variable turbine to synthesize the washing powder, so that the detergent has easy to tolerate solution, high foam, strong decontamination and other functions.