Process Content Of EPC

- Nov 13, 2019-

1. E + P + C mode (design, procurement and construction) / Turnkey general contracting

EPC (the combination of engineering, procurement and construction) refers to that the EPC enterprise undertakes the design, procurement, construction and commissioning services of the project according to the contract, and is fully responsible for the quality, safety, construction period and cost of the contracted project, which is the most important way to implement the EPC mode in China One of them.

Turnkey general contracting is the extension of the general contracting business and responsibility of design, procurement and construction, and it is ultimately to submit a project meeting the use function and conditions to the owner.

2. E + P + CM mode

EPCM (the combination of engineering, procurement and construction management) is one of the most popular project payment and management modes in the international construction market, and it is also one of the general contracting modes in China. EPCM contractor is determined by the entrustment or bidding of the owner. The contractor and the owner sign the contract directly and take full responsibility for the design, material and equipment supply and construction management of the project. According to the investment intention and requirements proposed by the owner, select and recommend the most suitable subcontractor for the owner through bidding to complete the design, procurement and construction tasks. The design and procurement subcontractor is responsible for the EPCM contractor, while the construction subcontractor does not sign a contract with the EPCM contractor, but it accepts the management of the EPCM contractor, and the construction subcontractor has a contractual relationship with the owner directly. Therefore, EPCM contractors are not required to bear the construction contract risk and economic risk. When the EPCM general contracting mode implements the one-time total quotation payment, the EPCM contractor's economic risk is controlled within a certain range, the economic risk borne by the contractor is relatively small, and the profit is relatively stable.

3. Design + Construction General Contracting (D + b)

Design construction general contract refers to that the general contracting enterprise undertakes the design and construction of the project in accordance with the contract, and is fully responsible for the quality, safety, construction period and cost of the contracted project.

4. According to the different scale, type and owner's requirements of the project, the general contracting of the project can also adopt the methods of design purchase general contracting (e-p) and purchase construction general contracting (P-C).