Powder Detergent

- Apr 21, 2017-

Powder detergent

Both the powder detergent and the production process - the SILFOAMĀ® defoamer, provides the

 necessary foam control. WACKER offers a variety of foam control systems for three powder

 detergent manufacturing processes.

Ready-to-use silicone defoaming powder after the addition of technology

Antifoam powder production in the factory - through powder premixing process

After spray drying, the defoaming powder is sprayed with other heat sensitive ingredients.

 Silicone defoamers are also used to degrease the slurry before the spray drying process.

Spray process

We recommend the use of phosphate as the main component of the powder detergent should be

 sprayed. Compared with silicone technology, it has many striking advantages. It is not only

 more economical, but also because the additive adheres to the surface of each detergent

 particle, so that the defoaming product is always uniformly dispersed in the detergent powder.

 In addition, since the mixture having a silicone content of 100% is much lower than the 

addition amount of the silicone powder defoamer in the content of 15%, the method is suitable

 for more formulations.

Powder premixed production

These silicone defoaming compounds are suitable for the production of defoaming powders or

 granules, the so-called plant premixes. They are added as an active substance to the powder

 base in a proportion of 5-20%. The antifoam activity increases with the viscosity of the 

compound. By heating, viscosity can be reduced and sprayed.

The slurry is degassed

WACKER's silicone defoamers are also used to degass the detergent slurry during spray drying.

 The method ensures that the material flow process without beating, no compression, but also 

adjust the density of the powder.

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