On Misunderstanding Of Washing Powder

- Mar 22, 2017-

Bubbles, the more stronger detergency

Some consumers wrongly believe that more detergent foam, the better, actually foams and detergency without direct contact. When washing clothes, detergent should be added to the amount of foot washing particularly dirty should take some of the clothes are, but not washing powder and the more the better. When washing powder reaches a certain concentration of aqueous surfactant reaches its maximum value, will no longer increase with the detergent and detergency was added, but a decreasing trend. 

Practice shows that detergent concentrations at the time of 0.2%~0.5%, surface activity of aqueous high detergency ability strongest, that is to say, in a basin of water added to 5~10 grams (about 1 teaspoon) of detergent is sufficient. Decontamination effect of detergent by overdosing in addition does not increase, but also due to the increase of alkaline in solution for fibers are damaged. In addition, a large number of detergent on the clothes, foam, easy to rinse, Fei Shui, charge time, wasteful not to say, composition of residues on clothing will cause harm to the skin, allergic reactions.