New Techniques Owned By Asia Chemical

- Mar 28, 2017-

1.Detergent powder production

1) Largest capacity for a single spray-drying tower: 30 t/h max.

2)Spray-drying system without forming of fines after critical renovation to the existing tower. There is less powder sticking to the tower wall at same time.

3) Most up-to-date technique to remove fines from exhaust air, different from using cyclones and bag filters.

4)Recovery of heat from exhaust air.

5) Weightlessness weigh instead of classic weighing belt, more accurate than the later .

6) Latest high-density pneumatic conveying technique for transportation of solid materials.

7) Hot air generated by direct burning of coal. The consumption of coal is 80 kg per one ton detergent powder. That tremendously reduces the production cost.

8) Special belt conveyor for detergent powder, that the belt will never run off its correct position. There is an automatic mechanical belt run-aside preventing device in the conveyor.

9) Newly designed post-addition rotary mixer enables the post addition portion of the powder to increase to 30% in the final powder. There is no lamination observed.

2.SO3 Sulfonation

There are a number of renovations on sulfonation technique to meet the requirements from AOS and MES productions.

3.Water glass (sodium silicate) production

Renovated reactor design that yields product better in quality and lower in cost.

4.Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate Production

Better sulfate can be obtained at lower production cost from new generation of reaction furnace design.

5.Bio diesel plant

bio diesel can be produced by vegetable oils, animal oils, and recovered waste cooked oils. It has the similar specification with the diesel oil.