Main Components Of Laundry Detergent

- Nov 09, 2019-

1. Laundry liquid is a newly developed category in detergents. Because of its convenience and diversified functions, it has become a daily necessities for consumers. You may be curious as to what constitutes the laundry detergent. Is there a difference in the laundry liquid on the market? Is the laundry liquid safe? Let us take a look at the following.

2. The main components of the laundry detergent contain water, surfactants and other additives.

3. Water is the medium of the laundry liquid, which is used to mix various components of the detergent to make them synergistic.

4. The water content in general laundry detergent is 50%-85%.

5. The surfactant is the main component of the laundry liquid, and its molecular structure comprises a hydrophilic portion and a lipophilic portion.

6. How does the surfactant remove oil?

Taking oil stains as an example, we all know that water and oil are incompatible. The oil on the surface of the clothes is insoluble in water.

After the detergent is added, the oleophilic and hydrophilic surfactant can be combined with the oil on the clothes and pulled into the water to act as a decontamination.

7. Surfactants that can be used in laundry detergents include four major categories and dozens of surfactants. The total amount and type of surfactant used in the laundry liquid are different, and its effect and quality are also different.

8. According to industry standards and technical specifications for concentrated detergent marking products, the active liquid content of ordinary laundry liquid is greater than or equal to 15%, the active content of concentrated laundry liquid is greater than or equal to 25%, and the active content of concentrated + laundry liquid is greater than or equal to 45%. You can refer to the label to determine whether the product is normal or concentrated.

9. Other additives include bio-enzymes, flavors, colorants (including fluorescent whitening agents), etc., polymers, which give the laundry liquid a special function or a better experience.

10, the laundry liquid must comply with the national standard "safety specifications for washing products", non-toxic to human body, biodegradable, without damaging the environment. And the National Standards Committee will update the standards on a regular basis based on the latest technological developments. Therefore, as long as we purchase branded products through formal channels, we can generally use them with confidence.