Laundry Detergent, Features The Simpler The Better

- Mar 22, 2017-

Lots of laundry detergent on the market are now added a number of new components, with more wash function. These components include surfactants, detergent, stabilizer, brightener, essential oils and enzymes, in order to easily dissolve, clean, soft, sparkling, preventing clothes static purposes. Substances added to washing powder, is not good for our health.

Research showed that, common of help lotion on human liver has damage; and surfactant is early was found will damage skin cuticle, caused skin rough, now has was considered pollution environment of a big pollution-; strong detergent by containing of alkaline material except absorption water outside, also can damage human membrane, makes organization protein degeneration; added incense detergent in the of synthesis flavor too more, smell rushed nasal, regular caused some people allergy; whitening detergent in the by containing of organic chlorine, and fluorescent agent is toxic material, easy in human within accumulation, Damage to health.

Therefore, buying washing powder to try to choose the function is simple, few ingredients, smells, light. From an environmental perspective, the best choice for water pollution in small non-phosphorus washing powder.