How To Use Washing Powder Correctly

- Dec 06, 2019-

1. Washing powder is not a universal detergent, it can only be used for washing clothes.

But in life, many people use washing powder to wash fruits, vegetables, tableware, clean furniture and floor, and think it has the function of decontamination, disinfection and sterilization. Please note that this may cause washing powder to enter the body. Experiments show that even if the amount of washing powder entering the body is very small, it will cause toxicity.

Through animal experiments, it was found that long-term exposure to large doses of washing powder can lead to liver and nerve damage, and lead to cancer. So, it's a good choice to wash clothes with gloves or with washing machine. Do not save water when washing clothes. Rinse the washing powder with enough water.

2. Do not mix washing powder with disinfectant.

Some people are smart. When washing clothes with washing powder, they like to add some disinfectant, thinking that the washing is not wrong. In fact, this kind of washing method greatly reduces the effect of cleaning and disinfection.

The composition of washing powder is different, there are anion, cation or non-ionic, so is the disinfectant. If washing powder and disinfectant are mixed, it is easy to generate a neutralizing reaction, and their respective efficacy will be weakened.

In addition, disinfectants do not need to be used frequently. Most disinfectants are used to eliminate pathogenic microorganism pollution. Unless under special conditions, such as red eye disease, diarrhea, gray nails, scalp ringworm, etc., or women's menstrual period, puerperal period and infant period, it is not necessary to wash clothes with disinfectant at all. People have a certain resistance, a small number of non pathogenic microorganisms will not pose a threat to health. After washing and drying clothes in sufficient sunlight, the bacteria remaining on the clothes will self destruct after a certain period of time. Frequent use of disinfectant not only reduces the body's own resistance, but also easily causes liver damage. So, everyone, when washing clothes, it's enough to add washing powder. Don't add disinfectant, so as not to backfire, cause unclean clothes and threaten health.