How To Use Caustic Soda To Remove Oil

- Aug 06, 2018-

1, use low concentration of caustic soda, 35% appearance, dry powder, just like meeting. This concentration of caustic soda is corrosive to the skin, but not so horrible as it is, it is actually making the hands rough. If it is a washing suit, the small area stains can be sprinkled directly on the clothes, so the effect will be very good, if there are many places to wash, this is not very suitable.

2, take plastic gloves when you wash them. If it is the stove that is to use the kind of soft wire brush used when washing the bowl, but to pay attention to the eyes, it is easy to splash, if touched in the eyes, it is more troublesome, rinse with clear water for 15 minutes, and then send the hospital, will not cause blindness, but will be very hurt to the eyes of Cao Cheng.

3, there is also a need to pay attention to a certain proportion, do not have a basin of water, just add a ladle of caustic soda, such a little effect, the purpose of adding water is the same as washing powder, no washing powder washing clothes do not use water. The caustic soda meets the water very easily into the regiment, so the general washing is the basin water in the side, put the basin caustic soda, after the cleaning tool wet, dip the caustic soda to attack directly.