How To Make Detergent Powder

- Jul 09, 2018-

This method is suitable for making soaping with little impurity and single color, such as adding extra powder, mud, flower grass and pigment in the soaping. It is easy to cause two pollution of washing clothes. When collecting soap and breaking, it is necessary to develop the habit of classifying and placing. When making soap powder with soap containing more additives, the salting out method should be used to separate the impurities. 

  In order to have more and more powerful washing functions, it often adds surfactant, lotion, stabilizer, whitening agent, essence and enzyme to achieve the purpose of easy to dissolve, clean, soften, soothe, prevent clothes from static and so on. 

The main ingredient of the additive is sodium carbonate, the main ingredient is sodium carbonate. In addition to the steamed bun, it can also be used to clean the dirt and remove the residue of the vegetables. In the old age of soap shortage, people often Wash clothes with it

Collecting soap soap leftover material, chopping is more conducive to dissolution.

Prepare 1200 grams of soap and 600 grams of soda (about half of the weight of soap).Pour the soap into the stainless steel basin。With the addition of 2400 grams of water (2 times the weight of the soaping), I should particularly say that the amount of water added or less does not matter. The purpose of the water is to melt the soaps, the water is much more, and the melting is more convenient, but the time for the future drying may be a little longer, and vice versa.

In the same way. In small heat, soapy and slowly stirring and melting.Pour 600 grams of soda (about half of the weight of soap).Stir to make it mixed evenly.Use the net or flat to dry for one to two months (depending on the weather conditions), until dry.Break up the soap from time to time during the drying process.Grind the dried soap pieces into powder or crushes (the more broken it is, the better to dissolve in water).Grinding into powder is a troublesome process. When there is no grinding tool, the dried soap blocks can be crushed and used.Preparation of environmental Detergent Powder

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