How To Choose Washing Powder

- Dec 06, 2019-

Washing powder, basically no one will be unfamiliar. But you may not know: the simpler the function of washing powder, the better, is our best choice for environmental protection and health.

At present, most of the washing powders have added some new ingredients: surfactants, lotions, stabilizers, brighteners, flavors and enzymes, which are easy to dissolve, clean, soften, blister, and prevent clothes from being static. But you should remember that too much washing powder is harmful to the health of the whole family.

The harm of the components added to the washing powder to the human body is as follows: the commonly used detergent aid damages the human liver; the surfactant is found to damage the cuticle of the skin early, resulting in rough skin, and is a major environmental pollution; the alkaline substance contained in the strong washing powder can not only absorb water, but also damage the human cell membrane, making the histoprotein denaturation; the basic substance in the fragrant washing powder Too many synthetic flavors, and the smell of the nose often causes some people's allergies. The organic chlorine and fluorescent agents contained in the whitening detergent are toxic substances, which accumulate easily in the human body and cause damage to health.

We suggests that you should try to choose the ones with simple functions, few ingredients and light smell. It's better to choose non phosphorus washing powder which has little pollution to water quality, so it's more environmentally friendly.