Hand Sanitizer Makes Your Hands Cleaner And Hygienic

- Jul 10, 2017-

Hand sanitizer is often encountered in life, people on the concept of hand sanitizer is to make the hand more clean and hygienic, so hand sanitizer has been a lot of people's favorite, but if used improperly, it is not conducive to the clean hands and health The

Is there a difference in the main use of the hand sanitizer on the market in addition to the different brands and tastes? By carefully observing the hand sanitizer packaging will find that the hand sanitizer license number is different, some "Wei Xiaobian word", some "Wei makeup quasi-word." General "Wei Xiaobian word" hand sanitizer with disinfection function, the product will add some disinfection ingredients, Hand Wash Detergent Powder production to undergo a rigorous disinfection safety test. And "Wei makeup quasi-word" class of hand sanitizer is a cosmetic products, the general disinfection and sterilization does not require, can only provide a certain cleaning effect, so the purchase of hand sanitizer, be sure to recognize the packaging on demand products license.

Sometimes wash hands with hand sanitizer, the hands will have a sticky feeling, this is what reason?

It is proved that this is the reason why the water rinse time is too short, so that the hand sanitizer is not completely washed, do not think this is a very small thing, Hand Wash Detergent Powder because some hand sanitizer contains some harmful chemicals, such as triclosan Raw materials, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, etc., these substances cover the skin, the human health will cause a certain degree of harm, so with hand sanitizer, it is best to use water to rinse, and keep enough rinse Time, and finally with both hands palm relative, forced each other rub a few times, if there are thin foam on hand, it shows that there is no residual hand sanitizer, need to continue to rinse.

At the same time, should be careful not to use cleaning supplies for a long time to wash their hands, because it will damage the skin of the grease layer, causing skin inflammation and allergies. Hand Wash Detergent Powder So remind should try to frequent use of hand sanitizer wash hands, while trying not to use the sterilization capacity is too strong hand sanitizer.

Use hand sanitizer Note:

With the hand sanitizer, do not press out too much, pay attention to rubbing to the fingertips, fingers, and let the foam can cover the entire hand of the various parts, hands rub each other for more than 30 seconds, and then rinse with water not less than 15 second. Until the hands without the hands of the creamy creamy so far. To dry with a dry towel or paper towel, it is best not to dry, so as not to skin partial loss of water, Hand Wash Detergent Powder causing the skin dry.

Hand sanitizer classification

One is the ordinary hand sanitizer, a class of disinfection products, the other is a special category of heavy oil hand sanitizer. The former play a role in cleaning and decontamination, the latter only contain antibacterial, antibacterial or bactericidal active ingredients. Heavy oil hand sanitizer is used for industrial oil (such as oil, gasoline, butter, diesel, etc.) and stubborn stains cleaning. Hand Wash Detergent Powder Different hand sanitizer in the packaging are different, the general hand sanitizer is generally "quasi-size", disinfecting hand sanitizer is more "elimination number". Hand sanitizer is generally free of phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate and other ingredients, the use of mild decontamination principle, easy to be accepted by the skin.

Hand sanitizer opponents hurt?

There will be a little bit. The chemical substances in the hand sanitizer may irritate the hands of the skin. People who are allergic to the skin are not suitable for use. It is recommended that you wash the cream and then apply the hand cream. In general, it is harmless.

Buy hand sanitizer

1. To the regular shopping malls to buy, formal shopping channel purchase channel is relatively stable, there are more stringent purchase control system.

2. Observe whether the packaging is intact, printed on the bottle is printed on the clarity of the pump head is strong. General hand sanitizer is squeezed through the pump head liquid, if the packaging quality is poor, then the process will not use the liquid or leakage, resulting in inconvenience and waste.

3. to see whether the signs are complete, if any name, site, etc., with particular attention to whether there is a standard number. Although the hand sanitizer does not have a unified national standard, but the state does not allow unlicensed production, so the production enterprises to develop enterprise standards, and packaging on the enterprise standard number to ensure product quality.

4. Note that the contents of the hand sanitizer itself, smell a smell or not, pungent smell. If it may be over the shelf life or the use of prohibited raw materials, it is best not to buy and use. But also to observe the presence or absence of stratification or oil and water separation phenomenon, if any show that the production process of emulsification process is not controlled, will affect the washing effect.