Hand Sanitizer Is An Essential Cleaning Product In Life

- Sep 25, 2017-

Nowadays, hand sanitizer has become the first choice for people to clean their hands, both at home and in public places, and more and more has replaced the use of soap.

Hand sanitizer is an essential cleaning product in life, increasingly replacing the use of soap, whether in public or at home. Hand sanitizer is usually composed of water, alcohol, essence and glycerin, Hand Wash Detergent Powder in which alcohol is the main antiseptic ingredient.

Hand sanitizer is a rapid development of the washing products in recent years, to wash hands, quick and easy to remove bacteria and popular consumer favorite. However, the quality of hand sanitizer and its impact on human health in recent period have been questioned by the media and consumers, so we might as well look at the effects of hand sanitizer and how to buy and use them.

Hand sanitizer generally does not contain phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, Hand Wash Detergent Powder alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium and other ingredients, decontamination is relatively mild, easy to accept the skin. But counterfeit products wash the opponent's skin damage is very large, so usually after the selection of products to pay attention.

1. To the regular shopping malls to buy, regular shopping malls have a more stringent purchase control system.

2. Observe whether the packing is intact, the printing of the bottle is clear and the pump head is strong.

3. See whether the sign is complete, if there is no factory name, site, etc., Hand Wash Detergent Powder especially to pay attention to whether there is a standard number. At present, hand sanitizer has a unified national standard, QB2654 hand sanitizer and GB19877.1 Special hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is a variety of surfactants, conditioners and stabilizers as the main raw materials, according to different proportions of the products. The main effect of hand sanitizer is surfactant, in the washing can remove the body's epidermis insoluble in water stains (such as oil), Hand Wash Detergent Powder so that it is quickly dissolved in water, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the skin. Different manufacturers in the variety of raw materials and use of different proportions, that is, the commonly said formula is different.

The main role of hand sanitizer is to clean the hands of the skin, some specific ingredients can also play a sterilization effect. For example, the use of hand-washing lotion after the toilet to prevent the hands with E. coli.

The hand sanitizer is divided into 3 kinds:

1, ordinary hand sanitizer, generally "quasi-font size"

2, the other belongs to disinfection products, Hand Wash Detergent Powder many for the "elimination of font size"

3, there is a more special, belong to heavy oil hand sanitizer.