Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau Checks: 8 Batches Of Washing Products Failed

- Apr 26, 2017-

Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau checks: 8 batches of washing products failed

Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau in its official website announced in 2015 

Guangdong Province, washing product quality special supervision and spot checks, 8 batches 

of product failure, nonconforming product discovery rate of 13.33%.

    The special supervision and inspection of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Shantou, Huizhou,

 Dongguan, Zhongshan and other seven cities (districts) 48 production of washing products 60

 batches, according to QB / T 1224-2012 "clothing liquid washing "GB / T 13171.1-2009" Washing 

powder (phosphorus type) ", GB / T 13171.2-2009" Washing powder (no phosphorus type) "GB / T 

13171.1-2009" Washing powder (phosphorus type) ", GB 998-2000 / XG2-2008" Hand washing tableware

 detergent " , HG / T 2497-2006 "bleach", HG / T 2496-2006 "bleaching powder" and the record of

 the current effective corporate standards and product express quality requirements, the total 

activity of washing products, pH, total pentoxide Phosphorus content, specified dirt, nonionic 

surfactant, apparent density, free base, available chlorine, fluorescent whitening agent,

 formaldehyde, methanol, heavy metals / lead, heavy metals / arsenic, total number of colonies,

 E. coli , Detergency and other 16 items were tested.

    The spot checks found that 8 batches of products failed, "Meng Dan Lu" full effect of

 ultra-clean laundry liquid, "Yi Lu beauty" deep clean high concentration of laundry liquid, "

Wei help" full effect of care laundry liquid, "Ai children" deep Clean to stains washing liquid, 

"Mulan" deep clean laundry liquid, "DeFu Lan" anti-stained laundry liquid, "the United States 

and the new" clean clean detergent and other names on the list. The unqualified project involves

 the total active substance, which stipulates the detergency of the stain, and the total amount

 of phosphorus pentoxide.

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