Four Coups Teach You To Quickly Remove Oil Stains On Clothing

- Sep 15, 2020-

Many people accidentally get oil stains on their clothes when eating, making it difficult to clean the clothes. Is there any way to effectively remove oil stains on clothes and make love clothes look new?

Principle of removing oil stains:

The principle of removing laundry stains is mainly divided into physical dissolution and chemical emulsification.

Organic solvents such as alcohol and gasoline are similar in molecular structure to oils, and can dissolve oil stains more effectively based on the principle of similar compatibility.

Most detergents mainly use the principle of emulsification to disperse the oily dirt into fine droplets to form an emulsion, which is then rinsed with water to achieve the final decontamination effect.

Clothes decontamination coup:

1) Gasoline decontamination method: Keep the clothes dry, apply gasoline to the oil stains on the clothes, rub and wipe them until they are removed.

2) Alcohol decontamination method: Wipe alcohol on the oily area, after the oily stain is decomposed, wipe it off with a rag.

3) Orange peel and white vinegar: Add white vinegar and orange peel to the spray bottle, let it stand for 15 minutes, after it is fully mixed, spray the liquid on the clothing grease, and then rub the clothing to remove the grease stain.