Foam Base

- Mar 22, 2017-

Commonly known as the bubble of alkali is sodium silicate.

Sodium silicate (Na2SiO3) also known as the bubble of sodium silicate and sodium silicate (xNa2O. YSiO2), white, turquoise or brown solid or viscous liquids.

Sodium silicate is composed of silica (quartz sand), soda ash (or alkaline) in the melting furnace Communist melting and cooling grinding to obtain, the fuel for coal, natural gas, gas can. Foam glass production can be divided into dry method

Wet and two dry solids is usually use bubble glass, then dissolved into a liquid bubble of the specifications required sodium silicate, the conversion rate is 1:2.5. Production of foam glass raw material quartz sand, soda ash, which according to a certain proportion to the reflex furnace, high temperature calcined melting furnace water quenching after packaging is solid foam glass. Solid foam glass to transportation and storage. The solid foam glass at a certain temperature, pressure will be dissolved into a liquid is a liquid bubble under glass.