Equipment maintenance of STPP Machinery

- May 24, 2017-

1. pump equipment: a class clean up oil pollution and dust, check loose bolts, Meihua rubber ring or elastic ring, once a month to join the lithium grease on the pump bearings, motor bearings each year with a lithium grease.

2. draft fan once cleaned oil and dust, check the elastic ring to maintain normal. If it is found that the drive to replace the abnormal level timely, must keep the windows range (No. 40 diesel oil) motor bearing once every half a year with grease.

3. class clean up a blender, grease and dirt. Check bolts, oil level, the lack of ready to add No. 20 diesel oil, once a year to join the motor bearing grease.

4. cooling water reducer, must check the oil and wash the bolt in the heat exchanger, found that the deterioration of the oil must be replaced into a milky white, not in the normal position of the oil dipstick to supplement gear oil, motor bearing each year to join a grease.


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