Does The Washing Powder Have A Shelf Life

- May 29, 2019-

Yes. Ordinary washing powder can generally be stored for two years or more under the specified storage conditions, but some washing powders with special ingredients, such as enzyme preparations, bleaching agents, flavors, etc., will exceed the shelf life, the efficacy of the above ingredients will be Loss has caused the overall effect of washing powder to drop. In order to avoid the failure of washing powder, when washing detergent, you should pay attention to moisture, sunscreen, should be placed in a cool dry place, especially with enzymes or flavored washing powder, the temperature is too high, the fragrance is easy to volatilize, the enzyme will lose activity more quickly. It is best placed in a container with a lid to prevent the washing powder from absorbing moisture and agglomerating. For detergents without or added with bleach, after the shelf life, the active ingredients in the formula will not change, and the washing effect will not be significantly reduced, so it can be used continuously.

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