Do Not Know Do Not Know The Original Detergent Is So Decontamination

- Apr 13, 2017-

Do not know do not know the original detergent is so decontamination

Why can detergents decontaminate?

The so-called decontamination, its essence is from the clothing, cloth and other washed objects, 

the dirt washed clean. In this washing process, by means of certain chemical substances

 (detergents) to reduce the dirt and the surface of the object to be washed and the role of

 mechanical agitation, so that dirt and washed objects separated and suspended in the media, 

the last dirt Washed away.

From the washing process, the following elements are included:

1, known as the substrate of the washing object;

2, substances removed from the matrix, dirt;

3, the washing liquid used in the washing, that is, in the removal of dirt used in the soap 

solution, synthetic detergent solution.

3, the washing liquid used in the washing, that is, in the removal of dirt used in the soap

 solution, synthetic detergent solution.

How the stain is removed

The laundry and the detergent are put into the medium together with the detergent in the medium.

 The washing liquid dissolves the article, and the dirt is dissolved, so that the combination of

 the dirt and the surface of the laundry becomes a combination of dirt and detergent, so that the 

dirt is separated The surface of a garment is suspended in the medium. Dispersed, the dirt that is

 suspended in the medium is rinsed and removed with water to get clean items, which is the main

 process of washing.

It is worth mentioning that the washing process is reversible, scattered and suspended in the

 media in the dirt may also be re-deposited from the media in the clothing surface, so that the

 object was dirty, this is called dirt re-deposition. Therefore, good performance of the 

detergent should have at least two roles: First, reduce the dirt and the substrate surface of

the binding force, with the dirt from the surface of the ability of the object; Second, with

 anti-dirt re-deposition.

How does the surfactant work?

Surfactants are the most important ingredients in detergents. Detergents are characterized by

 various functions such as moistening, emulsifying, foaming, dispersing, washing, and are related 

to the effects of surfactants. It is an organic compound that can significantly reduce the surface

 tension of liquids at low concentrations. These compounds have a special molecular structure that

 leads to their properties such as emulsification, wetting, foaming and washing.

Surfactants contain two groups, one is a long chain non-polar group, can be dissolved in oil and 

insoluble in water, that is, the so-called hydrophobic groups. The other end is a water-soluble

 group, that is, hydrophilic. Since the surfactants contain both hydrophilic and hydrophobic 

groups, they have good solubility in water or in the oil, thus separating the oil from the laundry.

What are the factors that affect the washing effect?

Washing water

In our daily laundry, pre-wash, main wash, bleach, water, acid and other processes are inseparable

 from the water, the detergent is also dissolved in water into a washing liquid, so that the

 fabric and dirt moist, swelling, , The role of dispersion, the whole process of washing are

 inseparable from the water, showing the important effect of water on the washing effect.

Our daily water is generally from the water plant, all contain a certain amount of inorganic 

salts, such as calcium, magnesium, chloride and so on. The size of the water hardness, washing

 water quality is the main problem. Long-term use of high hardness of the water, the fabric in 

the repeated washing process will be yellowing, hardening, or even damage.

From the perspective of fabric washing, the smaller the hardness of water, the more conducive to


Mechanical force

The role of mechanical force in the washing is beyond doubt. Solid dirt If there is no mechanical

 force, no matter how good the detergent is difficult to remove.

The mechanical action helps the permeate to penetrate, thereby reducing the adhesion between the

 surface and the dirt, making the dirt easy to disengage. For viscous dirt, the use of mechanical

 force at the same time using friction, is a good way to speed up decontamination. Therefore, in 

the fabric washing process, to use some such as rubbing, scrubbing, stirring, carry the investment,

 drying and other mechanical force, the cleaning effect will be better.

Washing temperature

Washing temperature is another important factor affecting washing. In general, the higher the

 washing temperature, the better the washing effect, but for the enzyme washing powder, most of 

the enzyme activity in the vicinity of the highest activity of 40, such as the temperature may

 kill the enzyme, the enzyme failure, thereby reducing decontamination ability. Different fabrics,

 different detergents and different soils should use different washing temperatures.

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