Distinguish Different Types Of Washing Powder

- Jun 18, 2020-

      When you buy washing powder, you will usually see some packaging bags that say "enzyme-added washing powder", "phosphorus-free washing powder" or "aromatic washing powder". What is the difference between them?

     1. Enzyme washing powder and fragrance washing powder

     Enzyme-added washing powder means that protease is added to the washing powder, and the enzyme-added washing powder has a special function to remove specific dirt (such as juice, ink, blood stains, milk stains, gravy, milk, soy sauce stains, etc.), and some of these specific enzymes It can also play a role in sterilization, whitening, color protection and brightening.

     2. Perfumed laundry powder is the flavor added to the laundry powder. Perfumed washing powder can scent the clothes while satisfying the washing effect, making people feel more comfortable.

     3. Phosphorus washing powder and non-phosphorus washing powder

    Phosphorus-containing washing powder uses phosphate as the main auxiliary agent, and phosphorus element is easy to cause eutrophication of the environmental water body, thereby destroying the water quality and polluting the environment.