Dishwasher Special Detergent And The Difference Between The Washing Block

- Aug 11, 2017-

Washing powder and block the effect is basically the same, the developed countries are basically using the washing block. Because the use of the block more convenient, one at a time, easy to dissolve, no residue, the powder can control the amount, but the use of a slight dust. Also look at the dishwasher brand, Panasonic Dishwasher choose more appropriate washing powder.

Dishwasher special detergent is designed for all types of dishwashers and the design of the powerful ultra-concentrated detergent, the use of imported raw materials from the preparation, is a new and unique dishwasher special detergent into the formula, with a strong Decontamination ability, through the penetration, saponification, emulsification, suspension and other chemical effects, can quickly remove all kinds of food residues and grease. Its special water treatment agent makes it suitable for all water quality, after cleaning dishes do not stay stains. So that you use more convenient and safe. Used for dishwasher rinse stage.

Wash the pieces: effectively clean the dishes, remove the dry rice balls, noodles, scorched sauce and tea stains and other stubborn stains, and let the dishes bright as new; strong ball effectively soak and soften stubborn food Residue; blue layer, the effective decomposition of sticks on the dishes in the food residue; white layer, effectively remove the stains, so that the dishes bright and bright.

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