Development Of Liquid Detergent

- Mar 22, 2017-

In China, the current detergent most obvious characteristic is the process of liquid laundry detergent has been widely recognized by consumers, and its market position has been established, some degree of challenge to the traditional status of detergent. In 2009, the rapid development of laundry detergent market, blue moon, tide and wave Qi, Li Bai and other brands to consolidate and expand their market positions, laundry detergent will become more and more popular in the future.

Development of detergent industry and economic, environmental, technological and demographic factors associated with greater product structure with different structure changes. Liquid detergent is a focus of development of detergent industry in recent years, there is a huge and lucrative market for commercial space industry. At present, liquid cleaning products toward the human safety and environmental compatibility high direction, energy, water, security and environmental protection products will be relatively fast. Development of liquid detergent into detergent industry structure adjustment and an important part of sustainable development.

Liquid detergent market in China in the initial stage, well-known brands such as rice, white, white, Blue Moon and other legislation, are now seizing the opportunity to open up the market: the opening meters in Northwest China topped, white cat in the North-East, East has obvious advantages, liby, blue moon in the South and Southwest in good sales, grace in the North China market more influence.