Detergent Powder Production Line And Equipment

- Jan 15, 2021-

A company has established a large laundry detergent plant in East Africa and is now looking for a washing powder seller and partner.

Three production devices can be provided according to the specific gravity requirements of different users:

(1) The high-tower spray method production device can produce finished washing powder with an apparent specific gravity of 0.25 to 0.35.

(2) Agglomeration molding method production device is mainly used to produce concentrated washing powder, finished washing powder with an apparent specific gravity of 0.45-0.80.

(3) Agglomeration forming high tower-agglomeration method device Combining the technical advantages of high tower spray method and agglomeration method, it can produce low apparent specific gravity and concentrated powder at the same time.

High-tower spray and agglomeration production devices can be manually operated and fully automatic computer controlled according to user needs.

The production capacity of the device: from 3000t/y to 200,000t/y.

The technical level of the device: from simple manual ingredients to high-tech computer control

The company now has a group of professional and experienced design, manufacturing and sales teams to ensure that the products always maintain a leading position in the industry in terms of technology and manufacturing processes.