Detergent Powder

- Apr 26, 2017-

Detergent powder

The main components of the detergent are anionic surfactants: sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate,

 a small amount of nonionic surfactants, plus some additives, phosphate, silicate, Yuan Mingfen, 

fluorescentagents, enzymes and so on. By mixing, dusting and other processes made. Now most of 

the use of PTFE instead of phosphate instead of phosphate.

The main ingredients of the detergent are: fabric fiber scale inhibitor, anionic surfactant, 

nonionic surfactant, water softener, soil suspending agent, enzyme, fluorescent agent and perfume;

 poor detergent often contains Phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and other harmful ingredients. The 

role of surfactants in detergent is to make the detergent powder soluble, emulsified, soaked, 

clean, sterilization, softening, blistering, to prevent clothing and other functions. Synthetic

 surfactants have long been found to have side effects such as hand, and are now seen as a major 

pollution to the environment. In addition, phosphorus, aluminum alkali, especially phosphorus in 

some developed countries have been banned in the use of detergent, but many of our chemical 

plants, are still producing this product, especially some foreign-funded enterprises, and then 

their own local products can not have These harmful substances, and in China, then drilling the 

law is not perfect, people do not have a strong sense of environmental protection, boldly add 

these harmful substances.

There are five major categories of detergent ingredients: active ingredients, wash ingredients, 

buffer ingredients, synergistic ingredients, auxiliary ingredients.

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