How does the detergent factory meet customer needs?

- Jul 20, 2017-

Detergent Factory as a professional detergent manufacturer, our staff have learned that the current market common laundry detergent products have washing powder, laundry fluid and soap and so on. However, the more common laundry fluid can be divided into three kinds: ordinary laundry fluid, high-grade phosphorus-free detergent and concept-type laundry liquid.

Washing powder processing manufacturers tell you the process of processing concentrated washing powder

Processing refers to the reproduction of goods, entrusted with the processing of goods, Detergent Powder Plant refers to the entrusted party to provide raw materials and major materials, the trustee in accordance with the requirements of the commissioned Party to manufacture goods and collect processing fees business. Washing powder processing refers to the reproduction of washing powder, Detergent Powder Plant commissioned by the supply of raw materials and main materials, the trustee in accordance with the requirements of the commissioned Party to manufacture goods and collect processing fees.

For example, washing powder processing concentrated detergent is concentrated detergent, refers to the density of a large, non-ionic surfactant as the main activity of washing powder, that is, washing powder GB (gb13171-97) in the category B detergent. Concentrated washing powder no matter from the formula design, raw materials selection and manufacturing methods, are different from the general washing powder, so many of its properties and ordinary detergent. From the composition, the concentrated detergent contains a variety of surfactants, is generally based on nonionic surfactant, and anionic surfactant complex. It contains more sodium tripolyphosphate, soda ash, Detergent Powder Plant silicate and other detergent additives, and some products also add chemical bleach or fungicides and other functional additives.

In today's increasingly competitive situation in various industries, in order to better meet the needs of the vast number of users, as a professional manufacturer of washing powder, the supply of washing powder is also a variety of, in order to better promote users to their understanding, relevant personnel on its relevant content summarized as follows:

1, there are phosphorus washing powder and phosphorus-free detergent: Washing powder manufacturers introduced to phosphorus-containing detergent as the main additives, and phosphorus is easy to cause environmental water eutrophication, thereby destroying water quality, pollution of the environment. Detergent Powder Plant And no phosphorus washing powder is not this shortcoming, is conducive to water environment protection. However, for the health of our living environment, we recommend the use of phosphorus-free detergent.

2, ordinary washing powder and concentrated washing powder: ordinary washing powder, particles large and loose, dissolve fast, foam is relatively rich, but decontamination power is relatively weak, not easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing. Concentrated detergent particles small, large density, less foam, Detergent Powder Plant but the decontamination force is strong, easy to clean, water-saving, generally suitable for machine washing.

For different kinds of washing powder of different knowledge, washing powder manufacturers for the time being introduced here, hope that through the above knowledge, can be used for the vast number of users, to play a corresponding help.

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