Detergent Can Also Be Used In Agricultural Production

- Feb 17, 2020-

Detergent powder can indeed be used in agricultural production, and there are scientific basis and use schemes, as well as some matters needing attention. Let ’s take a look at what they have and how they are used.

Pest control

The use of detergent alone can prevent common pest problems in farmland, such as controlling some pests such as spiders, whiteflies, spiny moths, and cabbage worms. At this time, 900 to 1000 times washing powder liquid is sprayed on the back of the leaves of the fruit trees and on the young buds, which can play a role in controlling pests such as peach aphids and scale insects. The use of washing powder can not only have a quick and effective effect, when it is harmed by various pests, spray a few more times, but also can protect crops from being harmed by pesticides.

Use with urea

Washing powder and urea can be used together to formulate "urine washing preparations", which can not only be used as pesticides, but also be used as foliar fertilizer, and play a role of external topdressing. Four kilograms of urea and one kilogram of washing powder are mixed and dissolved with four hundred kilograms of water, and sprayed on crops such as vegetables and cotton, which can effectively control pests such as aphids, red spiders, and cabbage worms.