Detergent Alkaline But Cost-effective

- Mar 22, 2017-

Washing powder is an alkaline detergent, strong detergency, solubility good, easy to use, in terms of resistance to hard water, foam-rich are superior and less expensive, which belongs to the higher cost of laundry detergent.

Zhang Huatao, Deputy Secretary General of China washing product Association introduces detergent suitable for washing of cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and blend fabrics, not suitable for washing wool, silk and other clothing. Clothing containing proteins such as wool, silk, and detergents are alkaline, can damage clothing. Effect of washing detergent in warm water than cold water, and even dissolved in warm water, surfactant could play a more major effects. Water temperature 30-60 ℃ is appropriate.

Detergent type growing performance are not the same. There is an enzyme detergent, by adding alkaline protease bio-catalysts, able to "Digest" stubborn protein dirt, stains, grass stains such as blood, milk, and odor removal. Enzymes are heat-sensitive substances, the temperature is an important factor affecting enzyme activity. So, using an enzymatic detergent wash water temperature should be controlled at about 40, and not more than 60 ℃ bubble washing powder, so as to avoid loss of enzyme activity, affecting decontamination effect. Enzyme laundry detergent or used for washing wool, silk protein fiber fabric, because the enzymes destroyed protein fiber structure.