Classification Of Detergent Powder

- Jun 27, 2018-

Contact: detergent powder is a kind of synthetic detergent and is an essential household product. At present, the washing powder in the market mainly has the following three categories, each has its own characteristics:

1. ordinary washing powder and concentrated detergent powder

Ordinary detergent powder, large and loose particles, fast dissolved, more rich in foam, but relatively weak decontamination, is not easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing; concentrated laundry powder small particles, large density, less foam, but the detergent is strong (at least two times the ordinary washing powder), easy to clean, water saving, generally suitable for machine washing.

2. phosphor detergent and phosphorus free detergent

Phosphorus containing detergent powder is the main assistant of phosphate, while phosphorus is easy to cause eutrophication of environmental water bodies, thereby damaging water quality and polluting the environment. No phosphorus washing powder has no such defect, which is conducive to the protection of water environment. For the health of our living environment, we recommend the use of non phosphorus detergent.

3. enzyme laundry powder and scented detergent powder

The addition of enzyme detergent is the addition of enzymes to the washing powder, and the flavoring detergent is added to the detergent. Adding enzyme laundry powder has special functions for the removal of specific dirt (such as juice, ink, blood stains, milk stains, gravy, milk, soy sauce, etc.), and some specific enzymes can also play a role in germicidal, whitening, colourful and brightening. The perfumed washing powder can make the clothes more fragrant when they satisfy the washing effect and make people feel more comfortable.

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