China's Light Industry Is Making A Leap From Good To Strong

- Jan 17, 2020-

On December 4, the fifth and sixth batch of "Guidelines for Upgrading and Innovating Consumer Goods" were announced at the "Light Industry Consumption Upgrade and High Quality Development" conference hosted by the China Light Industry Federation. Involving nearly 20 industries such as food, household appliances, furniture, hardware, toys, musical instruments, bicycles, daily chemicals, pen making, etc.The products include smart home appliances, toiletries, children's toys, furniture, musical instruments, etc. There are a total of 135 items, of which 69 are upgraded consumer products with excellent performance, stable and reliable quality, which can lead the consumer trend; 66 innovative consumer products with new materials, new processes, novel designs, and unique functions or use values.

China's light industry is realizing a great leap from "good" to "strong".