Can Washing Powder Be Used To Control Fruit Tree Pests?

- Jun 03, 2019-

The washing powder is used alone, and the sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate in the washing powder is sucked into the body by the pest, causing the poisoning to die. Washing powder is mixed with chemical pesticides. The detergent powder is added to the dilution of the chemical pesticide at an appropriate concentration, which can greatly improve the insecticidal efficacy and delay the resistance of the pest. Washing powder is mixed with urea. The "urine wash mixture" prepared with urea and washing powder can also play a role in controlling pests when used for root dressing. The mechanism of action is that urea can destroy the chitin of the surface of the aphid, so that it can reduce the resistance to the adverse environment; when the washing powder contacts the surface of the aphid, a layer of insulating film can be formed quickly. The locusts suffocated and died.

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