Can Small Detergent Powder Plant Produce Qualified Washing Powder?

- Jul 04, 2017-

As various types of detergents vary in characteristics, it is often difficult to properly select and use in order to make waste and affect the results. According to experts, washing powder, through complex processing, mainly by surfactant, polyphosphate, 4A zeolite, water-soluble silicate, enzymes, detergent, dispersant.

According to the phosphorus content can be divided into non phosphorus detergent and phosphorus detergent, washing its effectiveness can be divided into ordinary and concentrated detergent. Ordinary washing powder (A), large particles loose, good solubility, foam rich, but decontamination is relatively weak, difficult to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing. Concentrated detergent (B) small particles, high density, low foam, but at least two times the detergency of ordinary detergents, easy to clean, save water, usually applied to machine washing. Some consumers mistakenly believe that the more foam powder, the better, in fact, many bubbles and decontamination power, no private rental, direct contact.

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