Bag Cleaning Tips

- Aug 29, 2017-

Schools across the country have entered the summer model, the first thing off the holiday course is to pack a good bag, books, etc., and then to enjoy the holidays. Cleaning bags as long as the master method, in fact, is a simple thing.

In the cleaning before the first bag soak in the dissolved soap powder of water, the water temperature is recommended to 30 degrees below the soaking time is ten minutes is appropriate, can clean the active ingredients into the fiber, the first to remove water-soluble dirt, so the bag in the Cleaning can be achieved when the better washing effect. And then you can use a soft brush for scrubbing, and for the bag on the common moldy phenomenon, ball-point pen, grease and other stains, it is recommended different stains different treatment methods. Round beads handwriting, you can first use 95% alcohol rubbed; grease can be washed with detergent directly stains; and for the mold point, first with warm laundry soap dissolved water soak for 10 minutes, and then routine treatment.

Can not be used to clean the bag when the brush can not be used directly brushing, or bags of fabric easy to make hair ball; after cleaning do not hand wring dry, hand twist bag easy to deformation, can be directly to the water naturally dripping to dry, To avoid the sun, because the UV easily lead to fade, and do not dry.

Laundry soap powder advocates mild decontamination

Master the bag of washing methods, but also to choose a mild and with detergency of the washing products. As a representative of the decontamination ability, washing powder is a good choice. At the same time, due to the development of washing technology updates, the major washing powder brands are innovative in their own product formulations, including laundry soap powder is the latest direction of development. More than 90% of the raw material of the soap from the renewable vegetable oil, in the washing process to protect the clothes, washing clothes without the use of softener on the fluffy soft, to solve the repeated washing clothes dirt accumulation, hardening, with static electricity and other issues. As the soap and soap powder added a special lime soap dispersant, so the detergency is stronger, is the traditional washing powder 1.3 to 1.5 times; it is not as water as the requirements of the soap, even in low temperature and high hardness water is still Excellent washing performance. Laundry soap powder also overcome the shortcomings of the skin to stimulate the skin, the skin irritation is low, especially suitable for hand-washing bags

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