A New Batch Of Detergent Powder Equipment Is About To Be Completed

- Jan 15, 2021-

At present, after more than a month of production work by all employees, the latest batch of washing powder equipment is about to be completed and shipped to Bangladesh. We are a professional manufacturer of washing powder equipment, if you are looking for a supplier of washing powder equipment, please contact us!

Household bulk washing powder application: cold water instant washing powder, using new technology of polyester color, fresh and comfortable, 1500g large bag affordable, suitable for medium and large families; more suitable for public places in units, companies, factories and mines usage of. Washing powder is an alkaline synthetic detergent. It is a chemical agent used to wash clothes. It was first invented with borate and silicate as the main raw materials. Cheaper, affordable and more practical. It is well received by consumers and is an indispensable daily consumption necessities.

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