The Amount Of Detergent Used

- Jun 12, 2017-

Washing powder is the most common cleaning products in our lives, basically everyone will use detergent to wash clothes, and even the washing powder when the "universal cleaning agent."

The greater the amount of detergent used to wash the more clean clothes

Now the sale of washing powder packaging are printed with the amount of washing and hand washing, Detergent Powder in the laundry should be the standard, appropriate amount of detergent.

When the amount of detergent exceeds the standard when the excess detergent can not only increase the detergency, but easy to remain in the clothing, easy to clean, but also stimulate the skin, if the detergent contains bleaching, excessive use will make the clothes fade, damage.

The experts pointed out that a small amount of residual foam does not matter, should be in the safe range. In the case of the amount of washing powder is generally appropriate, the automatic washing machine set the normal washing program can be rinsed clothes, if it is hand wash, Detergent Powder thoroughly rinse two or three times on it. Consumers can choose high foaming and low foam detergents according to their own habits.

No matter what kind of laundry products to use, to the user I feel can be washed, convenient, Detergent Powder easy to rinse, etc., that is, the user habits and feeling smoothly on the line.

Scientific use of the method of washing powder

1. Normal washing powder and concentrated detergent powder

Ordinary washing powder, large particles and loose, dissolve fast, the bubble is more abundant, but the detergency is relatively weak, easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing; concentrated detergent particles small, large density, less foam, but strong detergency (At least twice the ordinary washing powder), easy to clean, water-saving, generally suitable for machine wash.

2. Phosphorus-containing detergent and non-phosphorus detergent

Phosphate-containing detergent to phosphate as the main additive, Detergent Powder and phosphorus elements easily lead to eutrophication of environmental water, thus undermining water quality, polluting the environment. No phosphorus detergent is no such shortcomings, is conducive to water environmental protection. For the health of our living environment, it is recommended to use non-phosphorus detergent.

3. Add enzyme washing powder and perfume detergent

Plus enzyme washing powder is added to the detergent powder, perfuming detergent powder is added in the detergent powder. The addition of enzymes to special fouling (such as juice, ink, blood stains, milk stains, gravy, milk, soy sauce stains, etc.) to remove the special function, Detergent Powder while some of the specific enzymes can also play a bactericidal, whitening, Yan and other effects. Fragrance washing powder to meet the washing effect at the same time let the clothes distributed fragrance, make people feel more comfortable.