Phosphate Plant To Improve Separation Efficiency

- Jun 12, 2017-

Domestic self-developed phosphate plant, in the reaction, filtration, tail gas washing, acid storage and other sections, with the following main technical features:

(1) integrated reaction / digestion tank

Domestic self-developed phosphate plant, phosphate and sulfuric acid reaction process and the reaction slurry digestion process in the same equipment to achieve, that is, Phosphoric Acid Plant the reaction tank and digestion tank into one. The tank body is concrete structure, lined with rubber and carbon brick. The inner wall structure type can effectively prevent the inner wall carbon brick lining from falling off.

Reaction / digestion tank with multi-chamber structure, each room equipped with a stirrer. Mixer with a special design type of paddle, while ensuring the effect of mixing, can reduce power consumption and save energy.

Raw sulfuric acid in the reaction / digestion tank in the multi-room multi-point to effectively disperse the material, Phosphoric Acid Plant reduce the local concentration, improve the phosphogypsum crystallization.

(2) Recycling the heat of the reaction slurry

The cooling of the reaction slurry is accomplished by a large flow of external circulation. The vaporized gas in the flash chamber is pre-condensed into a pre-condenser, typically pre-condensed by the pool water returned by the phosphogypsum slag to recover a portion of the heat. The heated water is washed as a filter cake. This will save steam consumption and also recycle water.

Reactive slurry cooling with large flow outside the cycle, can effectively control the reaction slurry temperature, save energy, Phosphoric Acid Plant reduce equipment and pipeline fouling, extend the operating cycle.

(3) simple filtration process

Domestic phosphate plant, the main use of domestic production plant tilting plate filter and turntable filter. Regardless of the type of filter used, you can configure a simple production process.

Filter acid pump can be used self-tuning pump or frequency control, so no need to filter tank, the process is simple and smooth, can reduce investment, reduce system scaling, extend the cleaning cycle.

Filter vacuum gas, through the pipeline pre-separation, Phosphoric Acid Plant and then into the separator and condenser, in order to improve the separation efficiency, to ensure the quality of circulating cooling water.

(4) Applicable tail gas washing process

Wet-process phosphoric acid plant exhaust washing process, there are horizontal cross-flow packed bed washing and vertical empty tower washing two processes.

Two kinds of washing process, each with its own characteristics. The process of selection, mainly based on the quality of raw materials phosphate. If the raw material of phosphate rock in the high content of production is easy to produce silicone caused by the system blockage, Phosphoric Acid Plant it is recommended to use vertical tower cleaning process.

Usually the filter slurry feed zone and a collection of exhaust gas are also taken into the exhaust gas washing system for washing to improve the shop floor operating environment.

(5) independent cleaning circuit

Wet-process phosphoric acid plant reaction and filtration section, usually set a special cleaning system, configure ~ 5% H2SO4 as a cleaning solution. Cleaning circuit of the process design, in order to achieve the maximum degree of cleaning the majority of phosphate pipeline for the purpose.

After the system is cleaned, the cleaning solution can be gradually returned to the reaction system for recycling.

(6) secondary fluorine absorption

Phosphoric acid enrichment device of fluorine absorption using two fluorine absorption, improve the absorption rate of fluorine to ensure that fluorosilicic acid P2O5 content <200ppm.

(7) a huge acid storage system

In order to further improve the quality of dilute phosphoric acid and concentrated phosphoric acid entering the next process or downstream plant, dilute phosphoric acid and concentrated phosphoric acid are usually used in the "aging + clarification" process.

(8) large equipment water balance and use

Phosphoric acid plant, usually phosphoric acid production plant, phosphoric acid circulating water station, phosphogypsum slag field as a whole to consider, to achieve the overall water balance, Phosphoric Acid Plant comprehensive utilization of phosphoric acid circulating water station normal discharge of water and phosphogypsum slag field return water, the maximum degree Reduce the amount of fresh water, reduce operating costs.

At present, the price of phosphate rock has risen sharply. The cost of phosphoric acid and ammonium phosphate has also increased greatly. It has strong competitiveness in the international community. The production of phosphate plant should pay attention to the development and utilization of low grade grade phosphate. On the one hand, the new phosphate fertilizer production plant in the use of phosphate fertilizer products or product quality is no special requirements, should consider the use of phosphate rock adaptability of the production process technology, such as the use of two water process. On the other hand, it should strengthen the middle grade or even low grade phosphate mineral processing technology development and practical application.