What Are The Main Ingredients For Making Laundry Detergent?

- Jun 09, 2017-

1. Enzyme preparation: it is a biological preparation. It can react with the corresponding dirt in the washing powder.

2, bleaching agents: such as sodium peroxide, sodium percarbonate peroxide. Domestic bleaching washing powder mainly add sodium carbonate. This is due to laundry detergent at 60. When hot water is washed more than C, active oxygen can be released, which will bleach the fabric and clothes. White clothes washed more white. But it is better not to wash clothes with color at high temperatures. This will cause bleaching of the colored areas and make the clothes old. Bleach doesn't work if you wash it in cold water.

3, there is phosphate, sodium phosphate, sodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate and two cyanuric acid sodium, washing powder is commonly used is sodium tripolyphosphate. 

4, sodium silicate: when used with other additives, can play a coordinating role. It has good washing effect.

5, soda: can fat saponification and dirt dirt will be removed, but not in excess in washing powder, so as to avoid damage of polyester fabric.

6, sodium sulfate.

7, the peroxy acid salt: mainly reactive oxygen use it to put out the stain as oxidation stain removing agent can remove rust stains. Washing powder is commonly used sodium percarbonate, which contains 10.38% of reactive oxygen species.

8, carboxymethyl cellulose: effect of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose in detergent is that it can be adsorbed on the dirt particles and around the surface of the fabric, since it has more negative charge, the electrostatic repulsive force under the action of the dirt particles suspended well, dispersed in the solution, will no longer be deposited into the fabric object.

9. Fluorescent whitening agent: it is a yellowish, fluorescent dye that dissolves in water and is absorbed on the fabric of the garment without being washed away immediately.

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