Hand Sanitizer Gives The Skin A Healthy Feeling

- Jun 12, 2017-

Hand sanitizer with PCMX antibacterial ingredients, can effectively inhibit 99.9% of the bacteria * (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli), a new upgrade formula, more care ingredients, bring the skin quality experience!

· Use every day to protect your hands away from bacteria intrusive, Hand Wash Detergent Powder bring your hands clean and healthy;

· Unique pine fragrance, suitable for daily use;

· PH balanced formula, care of natural health.

Hand sanitizer multi-purpose, really super multi-purpose:

1, diluted with, you can dilute more than 20 bottles!

2, after dilution can be when the glass of water! Cabo.

3, you can spray small insects, flowers and insects, Hand Wash Detergent Powder light bamboo leaves anti-inflammatory sterilization, destroy it!

4, can be sterile foot, cure beriberi!

5, you can wash cashmere sweater and silk clothes, no deformation does not fade!

6, you can rub leather leather sofa, leather, Hand Wash Detergent Powder leather shoes. Both bright and clean and not hurt the cortex!

7, can clean the floor and toilet!

8, can give a pet bath sterilization!

9, you can in addition to oil, cleaning hood!

10, can be used as gynecological lotion Oh, anti-inflammatory sterilization effect is particularly good. Especially urethritis. Men and women can be used.

11, for bathing, delicate skin and the effect is obvious.

12, when the facial cleanser with strong detergency, Hand Wash Detergent Powder and has whitening whitening effect.

13, shave, shampoo, deodorant effect is particularly good.

14, for washing towels, with a tasteless, to taste, sterilization of the significant effect.

15, for the skin anti-inflammatory effect is significant, and no side effects.

16, first with bamboo Zhen hand wash liquid hemorrhoids, and then apply bamboo paste better effect.

17, especially suitable for hand dry people use.

18, rainy day driving a car, the inside of the car glass Tuzhu hand lotion can effectively prevent the generation of fog, and can continue to maintain more than 5 hours fog, the effect is very significant, Hand Wash Detergent Powder to ensure the safety of driving a great help The