Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant

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Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant

Natural gas is one of the safer gas. It does not contain carbon monoxide and is lighter than air. Once it leaks, it will immediately spread upward, and it is not easy to accumulate and form explosive gas. Its safety is relatively higher than other combustion bodies.

The use of natural gas as energy can reduce the consumption of coal and oil, thus greatly improving environmental pollution; as a clean energy, natural gas can reduce sulfur dioxide and dust emissions by nearly 100%, carbon dioxide emissions by 60% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 50%, and help to reduce the formation of acid rain, ease the greenhouse effect of the earth, and fundamentally improve environmental quality.


1). Natural gas expansion process flow

2). Nitrogen gas and methane expansion process flow

3). Nitrogen gas expansion process flow

4). MRC process flow

we can supply the following technologies according to customer request


1) We have the one >500million cubic meter/day LNG Engineering design and plant solution.

2) Research on the regeneration gas utilization method and regeneration process.

3) Nitrogen gas distillation and the cold energy utilization.

4) anti Oxidation treatment for acid stripping gas system.

5) System HAZOP application.

What can we do:

1) Provide advanced process and equipment of natural gas liquefaction plant.

2) Provide all-round design engineering and overall contract.

3) Design according to safety technical regulations and convenient operation principle.

4) Provide professional training for customers.

5) Perfect after-sales service system.

LNG Production Plant

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