Mini LNG Plant

we have the one >500million cubic meter/day LNG Engineering design and plant solution.
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Product Details

LNG is purified by natural gas extracted from the geology, compressed and cooled to its boiling temperature, and then turned into liquid. Generally, liquefied natural gas is stored in a low-temperature storage tank at -161.5 degrees Celsius and about 0.1 MPa. Its main component is the same as methane, which is re-gasified when used. After being burned, LNG has very little air pollution and emits a lot of heat, so it is recognized as the cleanest fossil energy source on earth.

Specifications Of Mini LNG Plant :

1). Natural gas expansion process flow

2). Nitrogen gas and methane expansion process flow

3). Nitrogen gas expansion process flow

4). MRC process flow for LNG production equipment

We can supply the following technologies according to customer request

LNG Production Plant

Business Scope

Domestic and foreign engineering technical consultation, overall planning, engineering design, engineering supervision, equipment and material procurement, engineering cost analysis, project management, general contracting, engineering technology services, engineering technology and unit equipment R & D, personnel training, product development, production And sales, environmental protection operations, etc.


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