LNG Production Facilities

LNG production facilities is a production facility that compresses natural gas and cools it to its boiling temperature.
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LNG production facilities is a production facility that compresses natural gas and cools it to its boiling temperature.


1). Natural gas expansion process flow

2). Nitrogen gas and methane expansion process flow

3). Nitrogen gas expansion process flow

4). MRC process flow

we can supply technologies according to customer request

Advantages oF LNG Production Facilities:

1) We have the one >500million cubic meter/day LNG Engineering design and plant solution.

2) Research on the regeneration gas utilization method and regeneration process.

3) Nitrogen gas distillation and the cold energy utilization.

4) Anti Oxidation treatment for acid stripping gas system.

5) System HAZOP application.

LNG Gasification Process


The process principle of LNG gasification and pressure regulation is similar to other low temperature liquids. The difference is that the LNG temperature is very low, and the gasification process of the cryogenic liquid is very mature in the industrial fields of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, etc., but the LNG gasification process is more complicated than the liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen.


LNG gasifiers generally use an air-temperature gasifier to make full use of LNG's cold energy and save energy. In cold regions, when the ambient temperature is very low in winter, the gas temperature after gasification is very low (generally 10 °C lower than the ambient temperature), and subsequent pipelines, equipment, etc. may not be able to withstand. Therefore, after gasification, it is generally necessary to heat the gas through a heat increasing device-reheater to reach an allowable temperature, and the reheater can adopt various methods such as electric heating and circulating water. Finally, it is regulated, metered, and odorized, and flows to the gas pipeline network.