LNG Liquefaction Plant

we have the one >500million cubic meter/day LNG Engineering design and plant solution.
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Specifications of LNG Liquefaction Plant:

1). Natural gas expansion process flow

2). Nitrogen gas and methane expansion process flow

3). Nitrogen gas expansion process flow

4). MRC process flow

What we can do:

1) we can supply the advanced process and equipment.

2) we can provide a full range of design engineering and overall contract.

3) we can Designed based on the safety technical stipulations and convenient operation principles.

4) we can Supply the professional training work for the customer.

5) Perfect after sale service system.

LNG is made by purifying natural gas and then lowering the temperature to more than -160 degrees Celsius to liquefy it. Therefore, the storage tanks are all vacuum insulated. The truck in the picture above has two LNG cylinders on the back, and the inside is minus one. A hundred degrees of low temperature. Since the volume ratio of the gaseous liquid of natural gas can reach 600:1, the LNG tank can store more fuel and has a stronger endurance. This is why those long-distance trucks use LNG. Moreover, LNG will be purified before low-temperature liquefaction in order to eliminate the interference of impurities, so LNG is more pure to some extent.

LNG Plants

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