What Is The Use Of Water Glass

- May 30, 2019-

Use of water glass 1.

Nowadays, in the construction of construction sites such as tunnels, water glass is usually added to concrete as a quick-setting agent to act as a quick-drying function. Moreover, the water glass concrete has good physical properties and high compressive strength, tensile strength and good corrosion resistance.

Use of water glass 2.

Water glass can be used as a solid binder. It can also be mixed with similar lightweight aggregates such as vermiculite and perlite to strengthen its hardness. It forms an insulating board for high temperature refractory materials with good fire resistance and high temperature insulation performance.

Use of water glass 3.

Water glass is often used to make various silicate products such as silica gel, silica, zeolite molecular sieve, sodium metasilicate, silica sol, layered silicon and instant powdered saponin, sodium potassium silicate, etc. Basic raw materials. In the developed countries, the deep processing series of products with sodium silicate as raw materials have been developed to more than 50 kinds, and some have been applied in the fields of high, fine and pointed technology.

Use of water glass 4.

Many people also use water glass to paint the surface of the material to improve weather resistance. After the water glass solution is coated or impregnated, it can penetrate into the gaps and pores. The solidified silicone gel can block the capillary channel and increase the density and strength of the material, thereby improving the weathering resistance of the material. However, water glass shall not be used to coat or impregnate gypsum products. Because the water glass reacts with gypsum to form sodium sulfate, it crystallizes and swells in the pores of the product, causing cracking and destruction of the gypsum product.

Use of water glass 5.

Water glass can be formulated into a quick-setting waterproofing agent with a variety of crucibles, which can be used for local repairs such as plugging and caulking. The multi-ply water repellent has a very fast setting speed, usually a few minutes, and the four-way waterproofing agent does not exceed one minute, so it must be ready to use when used on the construction site. Many kinds of water-repellent agents commonly use four kinds of sputum such as timid, red scorpion, alum and sable.

Use of water glass 6.

Water glass is an indispensable raw material for detergents such as washing powder and soap, and can also be used as a water softener and a preservative.

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