What Is Sodium Metasilicate

- May 16, 2019-

Sodium metasilicate is widely used in ceramics, detergents, textiles, printing and dyeing, petroleum, leather, coal water slurry and other industries. It is a large-scale silicate product with large market demand. The domestic consumption is over 1.5 million tons per year. It is also very impressive. The appearance of sodium metasilicate is white powder or granules, which is relatively alkaline, non-toxic and tasteless. There are three varieties of zero-water sodium metasilicate, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate and sodium metasilicate sodium sulphate, which are suitable for different users. Sodium metasilicate is prepared by reacting quartz sand (or other silica), soda ash and caustic soda at a certain temperature. The production process can choose crystal drying method, crystal granulation method, mother liquor crystallization method or crystal pulverization method, and can produce granular or powdery products, but the appearance and fluidity of the product are different, the use performance is also slightly different, and the production equipment investment is also different. Our institute has in-depth research on various varieties and various processes of sodium metasilicate. It has mature and advanced production technology and equipment, which can be based on the specific conditions of raw materials, market demand, capital scale, labor cost and energy price of the project unit. According to local conditions, we should design a reasonable factory model to achieve the goal of marketable products, competitive product quality and cost, and good economic returns.

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