What Are The Characteristics Of Water Glass

- Jun 06, 2019-

1. The adhesion and strength of water glass are relatively high. The main components of water glass after hardening are silicone gels and solids, which have a higher cohesive force due to their larger surface area. However, the quality of the water glass itself and the properties of the batch materials as well as the construction and maintenance have a significant impact on the strength.

2. Water glass also has good acid resistance. Water glass is resistant to all inorganic and organic acids other than hydrofluoric acid, hot phosphoric acid and higher fatty acids.

3. Good heat resistance. The silica-like skeleton formed after hardening has a small drop at high temperature strength, and its heat resistance can reach 1000 degrees Celsius when water-resistant glass mortar and concrete are disposed using heat-resistant and refractory aggregates. The heat resistance of concrete is also mainly determined by the heat resistance of the aggregate.

4, alkali resistance and water resistance is poor. Since water and alkali are soluble in alkali, water glass cannot be used in an alkaline environment. Also, since NaF and Na2CO3 are both soluble in water and not resistant to water, the hardened water glass can be pickled with a medium concentration of acid to improve water resistance.

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