Use washing powder

- Mar 22, 2017-

Washing powder is a kind of synthetic detergents, are essential household items. Detergent on the market today mainly in the following three categories, each has its own characteristics:

1. ordinary washing powders and concentrates

Ordinary washing powder particles and loose, dissolves fast, foam is rich, but relatively weak detergency, easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand wash; concentrated laundry detergent and small high density foam is less, but strong detergency (at least twice times normal washing powder), easy to clean, saving water, generally suitable for machine wash.

2. detergent containing phosphorus and phosphorus-free washing powder

Phosphorus containing detergent phosphate as the main additive, phosphorus cause eutrophication of environmental water, thus breaking the water quality, pollution of the environment. Phosphate-free washing powder without this shortcoming and water environment protection. To the health of our environment, recommend the use of phosphorus-free detergents.

3. enzyme laundry detergent washing powder and flavored

Enzyme laundry detergent is added with enzymes in the detergent, add fragrant detergent powder washing powder is added flavor. Enzyme laundry detergent for a particular dirt (such as fruit juices, ink, blood, milk stains, juices, milk, soy sauce stains, etc) removal with special functions, and some of the specific enzymes can also play a sterilization, bleaching effects and color brightening. Add washing powder to meet the cleaning effect and let the clothes smell, makes people feel more comfortable.