Use of Sodium Silicate

- Jul 03, 2019-

Chemical industry - as a chemical raw material used in silica sol, white carbon black, zeolite molecular sieve, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate, layer silicon, silica gel, powdered instant sodium silicate, sodium silicate sodium and other silicate products Manufacturing.

Machinery industry - the foundry industry is used for investment casting, sand casting, metal repair and metal corrosion protection.

Concrete industry - for quick-drying cement and acid-resistant cement. Improve project strength, speed up project progress, and increase wear resistance.

Light industry - washing industry as washing powder, soap, detergent raw materials; textile industry for dyeing, bleaching, sizing; water treatment as water softener, aiding agent; also used as paint additives; food preservation Corrugated paper adhesive.

Wood processing - treated wood is insect proof, waterproof and fire resistant.

Refractory - can be used to produce acid-resistant cement, castables, ceramic binders.

Petrochemical industry - used as a silicon-aluminum catalyst, cementing agent for oil drilling industry, drilling fluid additive.