The Role Of Sulfonic Acid In Detergent

- Jun 11, 2019-

The role of sulfonic acid in detergent is mainly used to form sodium sulfonate, which is an anionic active agent used to remove oil stains.

The ingredients of detergent:

Main ingredient

The main components of detergent are sodium alkyl sulfonate, sodium fatty alcohol ether sulfate, foaming agents, solubilizers, essences, water, pigments and preservatives. Sodium alkyl sulfonate and sodium fatty alcohol ether sulfate are anionic surfactants that are petrochemicals used to decontaminate oil stains.

1. Linear sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate

Sodium linear alkylbenzene sulfonate has good decontamination and emulsifying power, good resistance to hard water and foaming, and excellent biodegradability. It is a green surfactant and is used in shampoo, meal washing and other detergents (content 60%). ).

2, fatty alcohol ether sodium sulfate

Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate (also known as fatty alcohol ether sodium sulfate) is an anionic surfactant, easily soluble in water, has excellent decontamination, emulsifying, foaming properties and hard water resistance, mild washing properties will not Damage to the skin. Please note when using it: In the absence of a viscosity modifier, if it is to be diluted into an aqueous solution containing 30% or 60% active substance, it often leads to a highly viscous gel. To avoid this, the correct way is to add the high activity product to the specified amount of water while stirring. Do not add water to the highly active material, as this may result in gel formation.

3, anti-foaming agent

Common anti-foaming agents are: methyl silicone oil, acrylic acid ketone and ether copolymer.

4, solubilizer

Solubilizers have solubilizing power.

5, flavor

Detergent contains at least several dozens of natural and synthetic flavors.


Compared to regular detergents, multi-purpose detergents are detergents designed for different types of oil in the kitchen, cleaning all kitchen surfaces while effectively cleaning the dishes. The range that can be cleaned is: light oil on the tableware; dried gravy and grease in the pot; sticky oil stained with dust; pesticides and fruit wax remaining on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Multi-purpose detergents are characterized by a higher degree of use than conventional liquid detergents, so multi-purpose detergents have a higher purity and handle different types of soil in different proportions to the water.

The method of use is as follows: Add 1-2 drops to the water basin, put the fruits and vegetables into the soaked and remove the residual pesticide and fruit wax on the surface; add 5-6 drops in the water to remove the light oil stain on the daily pot bowl; Use a little water in the detergent to clean air-dried grease or oil stained with dust.

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