The efficiency of washing powder ingredients

- Mar 22, 2017-

In order for the detergent and washing with better and more relevant effects, more and more of the detergent ingredient contains special features, these components can effectively improve the detergent the washing performance.

According to function requirements, detergent in the using of increased effect components has such several class: improve wash net effect of, as enzyme preparations (protease, and fat enzyme, and starch enzyme,), and bleach, and bleaching promote agent,; improved white degrees keep of, as anti-again deposition agent, and dirt dispersed agent LBD-1, and enzyme preparations (cellulose enzyme), and fluorescent brightener, and anti-dye agent; protection fabric improved fabric feel of, as soft agent, and cellulose enzyme, and antistatic agent, and nursing color agent,.

Note: in fact, the main ingredient used in many brands of detergent are largely similar, and subtleties of each product is in these synergistic ingredients. Various enzymes, can greatly enhance a detergent wash capabilities to an unusual and stubborn stains, such as blood stains, sweat stains, food stains such as grease, vegetables and fruit; bleaches the pigment stains can be removed by decomposition; anti-redeposition agent guarantees that the clothing after washing several times not grey-yellow.